Active, Quantitative Investors

Analytic believes that investors persistently reward certain stock characteristics and that active portfolio management is the best way to extract value from this investor behavior. Through the use of intelligent quantitative techniques that analyze these characteristics, we seek to exploit this persistency while maintaining adaptability. It is the systematic and responsive weighting of these characteristics, along with the multitude of characteristics analyzed that differentiates Analytic from its competitors. 

Our investment process is founded on the premise that the systematic application of quantitative techniques has the potential to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns, regardless of market cycle. With vast amounts of information available on demand, we believe that the proper weighting of the right variables in the selection process is pivotal to our success.

  • Our active management process and bias-free disciplines enable us to exploit ever-changing investment opportunities.
  • Cutting edge research and modeling techniques – featured regularly in trade journals –embody our innovative product development efforts.
  • Our commitment to transparency in our investment process and explanation of our performance.

Investment Approach

Three core principles differentiate our approach as an asset manager:

Disciplined We believe markets are complex
Investors must employ a structured decision-making process to manage complex risk and reward trade-offs
Responsive We believe markets change
Investors must adapt to secular market changes
Risk Controlled We believe markets are inefficient but difficult to forecast
Investors must avoid costs and risks that are unlikely to pay off in the long-run


Our mission is to fulfill our clients' objectives through rational, systematic identification of market opportunities, while minimizing the impact of human emotions that often dominate investment decision-making. Analytic’s quantitative methods bring together the best attributes of individual security selection and unbiased portfolio modeling, yielding a management style that is both disciplined and responsive.