Analytic Investors was founded in 1970 and is based in Los Angeles, CA. We manage money for some of the world’s most sophisticated and demanding institutional investors. As a research-driven firm, our culture is rooted in our continuous focus on providing our clients with practical and accessible investment leadership of the highest quality. Investment management is our only business.

Investment Philosophy We believe that investors persistently reward certain stock characteristics. Through the use of intelligent quantitative techniques that analyze these characteristics, we seek to exploit this persistency while maintaining adaptability. It is the systematic and responsive weighting of these characteristics, along with the multitude of factors analyzed, that differentiates Analytic from its competitors.
Management Style Our skilled portfolio management team utilizes sophisticated proprietary tools and quantitative investment methods to identify investment opportunities and create value for our clients.
Innovative Culture Rich and stimulating entrepreneurial culture that values knowledge, creativity and innovation.

Analytic Investors is widely recognized for a commitment to innovative investment research, disciplined quantitative methods and an ability to implement sophisticated trading and portfolio management strategies. Our continuous focus on meeting the needs of institutional investors and our time-tested investment process provide solutions to a variety of investment challenges in today's increasingly complex global market.

Our entrepreneurial culture values knowledge, creativity and innovation.

Organization • Established in 1970
• Based in Los Angeles, CA
• Manages $25.2* billion for our institutional, mutual fund and separate account clients
Ownership • Independently operated subsidiary of Wells Fargo Asset Management

We offer a range of investment solutions encompassing risk reduction, relative benchmark and absolute return approaches.

*As of 11/30/2017, and includes $1.0 billion of notional assets, representing the total value of client portfolios over which Analytic manages an overlay and $1.9 billion of non-disrectionary assets, where Analytic does not have trading authority over the client portfolio.